Lets Start Again

July 2016:


My top bed has now got some peas and some sweetcorn.  Two of the sweetcorn survived from first sowing and are doing well, the small ones are from a second sowing and I hope they will catch up.  I have put copper and plastic collars around them as they were being eaten.

Under an enviromesh cover should be 4 green and 4 black kale plants.  However half (the dwarf green kales) were eaten and I had to transplant a couple of plants from the square bed… and I think one is not a kale, so I will see what comes up.  One of the black kales is doing well though.


My square beds are all covered.  My lettuce bed is almost empty as the lettuces got eaten, just two red nyman cos lettuces survived.  I have cheated by putting in some supermarket living lettuce!!  Lets see what happens.

The middle square bed has some brassicas in, hopefully 2 kale, 2 cabbages and 2 cauliflowers should survive.

This bed has red beetroot (bolthardy), shallots and some rainbow beetroot.  You can see that bolthardy is doing well leaf-wise, but the bulbs are tiny.  The rainbow beetroot hardly survived but there are a couple, but there are no bulbs.  Two shallots survived from seed so I will see what happens.

Meanwhile I have watched a lot of online videos and salad growing books, I have been encouraged to try for some winter planting.  I have ordered seeds http://www.moreveg.co.uk  which does small packets of seeds for only 50p.  What an amazing find.



A Year of Two Halves!

June 2016:IMG_1043 (2)

I transplanted two tomatoes and two peppers.   They are not growing very quickly which is disappointing.

Not shown here, but I also found two tomato weeds growing from homemade compost in my square foot beds…. I quickly transferred them into the greenhouse.. lets see if they grow.

At the beginning of June I went on a 5 day juice diet… and I did make it.. the first time ever.  Amazingly, my shoulder and back was better so I have been able to do some gardening this month.  WOW I feel like I have come back from the dead.  I can even get dressed without too much pain.

I am hoping that this year is one of two halves, and the second half is much better than the first.


What is wrong with my seeds!

May 2016:

I planted some shallots, lettuce, beetroot, tomatoes and peppers in modules on my windowsill in March but they did not germinate very well.  I tried again at the end of April. I had only a few seeds come up which was very disappointing.  I worried about the seeds and perhaps the compost, but I have read online that this has been a common problem this year.

I am getting better healthwise, but very slowly and I cannot do anything in the garden yet so this year may be a right off.   I am on my computer or reading books most of the day which is not good for my weight.  I hope that this year gets better.


At the end of May I tried to transplant my seeds into the greenhouse but I was hoping that they would be bigger by now.  I also managed to slowly weed and prepare the 3 square foot beds for seeds.  I sowed more seeds in as the previous sowing were not doing well.


Plan fails straightaway!!

March 2016:


This year, 2016, has not started well.  Unfortunately, a frozen shoulder and a bad back meant that I have spent a lot of time in bed or on the sofa.

I had ordered some seeds over Christmas and managed to get a few sown in pots on my windowsill in March, but they did not germinate which was very confusing.

I can hobble about the house for a short while.  I am learning to use my left hand to do things, but finding it a huge problem.  Just feeding my cat and washing up leaves me very tired.  I am living on oven meals delivered to house.  Unable to do any weeding or prepare any beds for plants.

The adventure is not going well.

I dont think I will publishing this blog for some time.



Xmas 2015:


My UK garden is on a slope so whatever I do involves lots of climbing up and down steps.   It makes gardening very tiring and difficult especially for someone like me who has long-term spinal disc problems.

However redundancy has given me the opportunity to devote time to my garden (my long commutes had never given me the time or energy to do much before).

I am longing to learn how to grow enough vegetables in my garden to provide vegetables for at least one meal a week for a whole year.   I may increase this in the future but I need to start slowly.

I am going to record my progress and experiences in this blog so that I can look back on what went right and what went wrong.

I hope that anyone who reads this blog will be able to learn from my experiences as I learn from other peoples’ blogs.

It is going to be one heck of an adventure which I hope to start in the new year of 2016!