Butterfly battle!

I have my 3 square foot beds covered in butterfly mesh, and naively thought that would be enough.  But 4 cabbage whites have been busy trying to get into my brassica bed.  I thought the netting had stopped then, but my brassicas suddenly put on a spurt of growth and it seems that if the leaves touch the netting the butterflies can lay their eggs… And they did.


You might just be able to make out some yellow eggs on the right of this cabbage leaf.

When I went in to pick them off, I found lots of dropping and several caterpillars.  They had devoured 2 of my cabbages and I had to dispose of them.  I rescued one.  They did not seem to be on my kale or my 3 caulis.  I needed to take some drastic action.

Having decluttered my big old shed, I had found some old environmesh that was a bit rat eaten.  It was long and thin, not quite the right size to cover the whole of the bed when folded this way.  It also attracted another type of wildlife!


You can just see that my black cat has found a new home.

By folding it over to create a V-shape I managed to drape it over the netting  in a way that covered it all.  No way for butterflies to get to the leaves.

I managed to get him out so that I could hold the mesh down with bricks and some clips.  It seems to be doing the job as the butterflies don’t seem to be hovering around it like they did before.  Lets hope that my cabbage survives.


I undid the mesh to give the plants a good water and then put it all back properly once my cat allowed me to.


About carol

finally got time to start my journey to amazing health and wellbeing that includes RawFood, Growing fruit and veg in my garden and when it rains coming inside to do some machine knitting. And enjoying all this with my companion Jenson my cat. Life is good.
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