Lots of Seeds sown

The weather is staying fine so I have taken advantage and started sowing my seeds.  Some indoors in modules and some outside. I have sown spinach outdoors and put in some leaf beet. I have also sown, cucumbers, squash, courgettes, lettuce, celery, and kale.  Still got lots still to do.  Pak choi are surviving.

The seeds I sowed last month have not done as well as I had hoped.  My red tomato and my peas have not done well at all.   Only a couple of peas have come up and they might not survive.  Mangetout are OKish but not all came up.  I have put them out with the beans as I am not sure about growing beans as I dont digest them.  I am going to grow more lettuce instead.

I am spending a lot of time carrying buckets of water up the hill to keep everything wet.

Rain is due from today and if it comes I will be pleased.


Potatoes Out

I do not have many potatoes but have put 3 small tubers in each potato bag.  They have been in the greenhouse for warmth, but the weather seems warmer now and finally they are outside.

I need to get on with my gardening, but health issues and an injured cat have my focus right now, but I am hoping to get going very soon.