New Shed is Painted, Squash is rehomed

The weather was still hot and dry and I managed to declutter and organise the new small shed, the big shed and the greenhouse. It was too hot to be carrying things up and down the hill, but I finally made it. It took several days. I got my old electric tools (bought back in the 1980s but still working) and I cut up some wood from the old shed and screwed them into the shed. I was not sure if I could do it, but I did. I managed to get all the hooks in the right places to hold my tool. I was pleased when it was finished.

simple tool rack for my old tools

I felt good that everything was organised and had a place in both sheds and in the greenhouse. Phew it was hot work.

As the weather was still dry, I also managed to paint/stain the new shed the next day.

stained/painted shed

It looked good when it was finished. And just in time as the next day, it rained! In fact it rained for 2 days and now it is fine again. I was relieved not to be watering the garden. The rain has now worked its magic and my plants have finally started to shoot upwards.

I took advantage of today as the rain had stopped and decided to transplant one of my two butternut squash (Hercules variety). They were not growing quickly in the pots. I thought I would hedge my bets and transplant one, now that the shed was finished.

I dug a big hole as it was coming from a 30L pot.

digging a bit hole

I was surprised that the roots were very short, perhaps a 4 inch ball! No wonder it was not growing quickly. I had to fill in the hole and put the plant on top.

finding out I did not need a big hole

I made a hill of soil around the plant so that water would drain away from it. I watered it in and covered the ground. I need to get a cane and some water bottles but for now the mound is doing fine.

transplanted and hoping Hercules squash will grow in its new home

The other squash I left in the pot to see the difference.

My potatoes are all being harvested. I grew a few last year but my storage was not good enough and they all quickly sprouted. This year I am going on a potato fast and eating them from the ground. I love potatoes just steamed. Yum.

This is my first harvest of Red Scarlett from a pot.

red scarlett harvest
first harvest of Red Scarlett potatoes

This was smaller than I expected but not too bad. However, the yield from the ones I dug up from the ground was very small. The Red Scarlett was clean skinned. They taste quite good steamed.

steaming potatoes in the instant pot
potatoes ready for steaming

I harvested some Vivaldi that were next to them. Although the yield was bigger, the skins were pitted. I also found out that they did not taste as good.

not many Red Scarlett so dug up some Vivaldi potatoes

Do not think that I will be growing the Vivaldi again. I will have a go at baking them and see if they taste better. They are quite dense and floury and have earthy taste.

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