Extra beds

I have a couple of extra areas where I can grow veg. One is on the slope in front of the small apple tree and the other is next o my old shed. Last year I cleared this of plants and planted it with potatoes and had a bumper crop. One of the few vegetables that flourished last year for me.

shed bed

However, the shed got damaged in the last storm and I have been waiting for help to take the shed down to be replaced. So I have kept on the plastic, ( I reuse this every year) and will plant out the courgette and squash in large pots.

The Ambassador courgette was doing well and wanted to be planted out. The Defender courgette was not far behind. But it has been cold and wet now for several weeks so I wanted to wait. The Hercules squash were not so happy.

courgettes want to be planted out

The courgettes were transplanted and quickly started to grow coping with the rain. I waited another week to put out the squash. I put slug rings around them so that when I watered the pots (yeah, if it stops raining!), the stem would not get wet. I also planted them in a dome.

The leaves went yellow at first but now new darker green growth is appearing so I am hopeful that they will grow when it stops raining (the weather reports keep talking about hot weather but I have seen nothing but clouds all June.. a few moments here and there of light).

courgettes doing well

I also have another one hiding with extra potatoes that I have put in pots. The potatoes include Red Scarlet, Elfe, Kestrel, Vivaldi and Arran Victory. These seem to be all flowering at the same time even though they are a mixtures of early, second early and main crop.

Hercules squash with a variety of potatoes

The rain is really depressing. There seems to be a small window each day when it stops. This is good in that I am not having to water my plants like last year. At least there are more things growing than last year.