End of Old Shed

the old shed needs replacing

My old shed has lasted twenty plus years, but time has taken its toll and the back and bottom have rotted away and this lets wildlife in – and mushrooms. I have been eating cheaply in order to save to get a new shed but the chance to get an ex-demo shed at a good price came about and I grabbed the opportunity.

I emptied the old shed contents into the house but found a wasp nest in the back corner. I found it difficult to remove safely so I had to get it destroyed.

wasp nest in shed

My local upcycling garden team helped me to get rid of the nest and the shed. It seemed very strange to see the extra space.

shed removed ready for new one

The new shed arrived and with extra bearers to lift the shed off the slabs I am hopeful that I will be able to store any harvests without any damage from wet or wildlife. This side of the shed is a nice colour but the rest of the shed is discoloured and has had wasp damage to the oiled finish. I will probably stain the shed when I paint the repaired wooden steps as oil stains are expensive.

I need to get the inside of the shed sorted as my dining/knitting room needs clearing. I also need to create a hook rack to store my tools. I will have to do this myself but not sure I have the strength and tools to do this. Might have to wait for the upcycling team to come back next month.

Meanwhile I also need to figure out what to do with the old shed!

My lovely new shed has arrived

Early Friday morning, two men and a shed turned up.  They were not too bothered about getting the shed up the hill and soon had all the pieces ready to start assembly.  The shed is a heavy duty one from shedstore.com and they have been wonderful in terms of customer support.  Here are  the main shed sides.


I have never had a new shed like this before so I think that it is exciting but scary.  It is a lot of money out of my frugal budget and so I need the shed to fit together without any problems.


The two men were very fast and soon had it assembled in less than 1 hour.


And so I now have this beautiful shed, which is looking quite pale.  I need some dry weather so that I can paint it.  Could take me quite a long time, unless I use the paint sprayer for some of the sides.  So now I need to make some shelves and carry everything up the hill from my dining room.